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Being a commercial vehicle sales specialist for Refrigerated Trucks, Systematic’s experienced sales team provides clients with the best solution in transport refrigeration.

Also, our strong team of qualified technicians and mechanics offers excellent after-sales service and support to ensure your peace of mind.

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Commercial Vehicles Sales

Over the last 3 decades, Systematic Airconditioning has been the market leader in commercial vehicles sales with our main focus on truck refrigeration systems.

Our dedicated service to our clients knows no bounds and we are well known for our excellent after-sales service. Our truck refrigeration systems are very popular amongst our customers in Singapore. We also have a commercial vehicles sales team to support our customers from which we concentrate more on after-sales service as we believe customer satisfaction is the best policy to bring our company forward.

What are Commercial Vehicles?

Commercial Vehicles are used by companies or organisations to shift goods from one place to another. These goods may be industrial, commercial, retail or food products. The food products are further divided into two categories. The first is dry food product which can be shifted with a normal commercial vehicle like a van or truck depending on the size of the quantity.  The second type of food products are frozen products which require the use of a refrigerated truck to do the transportation.

There are many leading companies offering commercial vehicles sales to enable you to shift your dry/frozen food products along with racks and slides to store products or you can even customise  commercial vehicles body to your specific size and space needed. 

What can a commercial vehicle sales company do for you?

You may encounter a problem with a normal commercial vehicle that is unsuitable for shifting the frozen food items. This can result in good going bad. Vegetables, milk, meat and fruits can go rotten if we do not maintain the right temperatures during the long distance moving process. For that you need a refrigerated commercial vehicle. 

You can also consider equipping the commercial vehicle with a required degree of cooling temperature. If you own a truck or van that you want to use for your business, check how much it costs to add a refrigerator system from a commercial vehicle sales company to it. It may turn out to be a cheaper and more efficient option than buying a rig overly excessive for your needs.

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Many of our customers seek for the best of the best not only in terms of products but services too! Over here at Systematic, we provide a one-stop solution for our customers, solving any problem that our customers face. A few of these are as follows:

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Systematic Airconditioning Pte Ltd pride ourselves as a one-stop service provider that delivers beyond our customers’ expectations. Whether you are looking to lease from a comprehensive vehicle fleet, seeking a reliable workshop for your vehicle and refrigeration system reparation or looking for assistance in insurance claims, finance services, and other services, Systematic is the one for you!

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