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About Zanotti

Zanotti Italy is a world leader with over 50 years of experience in design, development, manufacturing and testing of refrigeration equipment for cold food storage, preservation, and transportation.

The company’s success is based on the constant improvement of their technology in energy-saving efficiency and customised solutions such as small to large-sized cooling requirements in logistics and storage centres, or transport refrigeration units specifically designed for urban and interstate transportation of low-temperature goods.

As an international group and a member of Daikin Japan, Zanotti’s headquarters is based in Italy with production plants in Spain and England. Zanotti works with a strong network of certified suppliers worldwide, ensuring a continuous exchange of ideas essential in developing new products of the highest quality to satisfy the everchanging needs of their customers.


Sub Engine Units

ZANOTTIDFZ495DFZ430 Un 0º 80 TDNUn 0º 120 TDNUn 0º 120 UTFZ620 (Trailer)
Ref Capacity @ 0ºC (W)1415260988781110001220718408
Road (W) / Standby (W)14152 / 85206098 / 49518781 / 541911000 / 730012207 / 8461
Airflow (cm3)45002200360036002520 x 26000
Refrigerant / Charge (Kg)R404 / 4.84R04 / 3.04R04 / 3.84R04 / 4.54R04 /4.84R04 / 6.8
Engine Perkins (cc)1496 676925125512551700
Compressor Bock (cc)560197235385560600
DefrostingHot GasHot GasHot GasHot GasHot Gas Hot Gas
Size (mm) (W) x (H) x (D)1938 x 675 x 9201760 x 540 x 7401895 x 666 x 980 1895 x 666 x 9801938 x 675 x 920 2200 x 1750 x 300
Weight (Kg)515325460 510538870


Direct Engine Units

Ref Capacity @ 0ºC (W)479454597319
Compressor (cc)175175215
Refrigerant / Charge (Kg)R404 / 2.2 R404 / 2.8R404 / 3.8
Voltage / Consumption12V / 24A 12V 28A12V / 47A
Voltage / Consumption24V 12A24V / 14A24V / 23A
Airflow (m3/h)205030753200
Total Weight (Kg)155161166


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